To Travel Is To Re-Discover: My First Sans-Baby Vacay Helped Me Find Myself

Oh Hey Mama - it's me another oversharing mama sharing her world on the internet (clap clap). I'm about to get kinda soppy and emotional (I know I feel gross about it too), but bare with me cos this one's a goodie.

In short the transition to Mamahood was hard for me! Then 8 months end I transitioned into Single Mamahood (whatever that is - still trynna figure that one out). By the first year and half of being a Mama I had held every stereotypical title there was from 'stay at home mama' to 'single full time working mama' to 'lost my job unemployed mama' to 'moved back in with my parents running a business mama'. Been there done that girlfriend! 

So It's safe to say I needed a holiday - and chances are SO DO YOU. Well here's what happened when I took a sans-baby vacay to Bali at the start of this year and whoa did it change me. This is so cheesy and I am totally cringing just writing this but - I FOUND MYSELF. So here's what happened and why you need to book a sans-baby vacay right now!

I was forced to face myself

All that alone time without my toddler running around I was forced to listen to my own voice. It felt like I just had so much time to sit in my own head and figure it out! I started to really notice how negative my thoughts were and how I had stopped being such a dreamer. So luckily being in such a dreamy environment (Oh Hey Bali) it easy to shift my thoughts to being more positive.

I felt like I could just be ME!

There's something about travel in general that just makes you behave like your true self. But especially being in a place where no one knew me - where I didn't have a title. I wasn't someones mum or someones baby mama (cringe!) - I was a women with a name. how FAB, right?!

New experiences allowed me to feel something new

It's no secret that sometimes life can feel really monotonous as a mama. Everything has to have a routine and being schedule and organised and whatever else. So it was nice to not really have a plan but just go with it. I had to trust my gut instinct alot especially when travelling between Bali to new places like Nusa Ceningan a smaller island that wasn't as western as Bali. I got a bit of culture shock and that feeling felt so new again as it had been a long time since feeling something like that. All these new feels began to ignite something inside of me #allthefeels.

Meeting other travellers makes you realise how small your world is

It's just so easy to get wrapped up in stressing about everything regarding our little babes. Have they eaten? How many poo's have they made? Is their rash an allergic reaction? So it's to be able to shut off and immerse yourself into someone elses world. When someone tells you about how they have been travelling for the past 6 months on a shoestring budget and are absolutely loving life it definitely changes your perspective on your own world.

Other Travellers will inspire you

My first backpacking experience I stayed at Capsule Hotel in Seminyak and I met the most amazing people. I also met some really interesting people when I stayed at Le Pirate Beach Hotel in Nusa Ceningan. From property owners who were living off their rental income so they could travel to fashion brand owners and independant film makers. It was honestly insane and perfect timing as I had just started my Graphic Designer Business - Brand Babes Studio. So hearing such a diverse range of stories from people who were just completely owning their "alternative lifestyle" it was so so encouraging and made it all seem so much more tangible. 

Clean sheets, room service and sleep ins

Seriously thoguh, It's the things mama's dream of! There was plenty of the above and once I got over my mama guilt it was zeeeeee best! Girl treat yoself!