Number One Food Spot in Seminyak


 Bikini Resturant Seminyak. Photo By  Bali Interiors

Bikini Resturant Seminyak. Photo By Bali Interiors

We are definitely that mum and bub combo that eats their way through places. I came here on a sans-baby trip earlier this year and I cannot wait to bring my little babe here when we head over end of this month. 

I am by no means the biggest fan of snobby Seminyak but highly recommend having a bite or three at this stunning place. 

Price Range: $$$$

This is definitely not in the "cheap eats" bali price range and more western pricing. But totally worth it! For the price of an average meal in Auckland you get the finest gourmet meal, along with stunning interiors and amazing service. 

 Oyster Crackers. Image by  Tripadvisor

Oyster Crackers. Image by Tripadvisor

Mama's Fav Meal

 If your a seafood lover you need to make sure you order the oyster crackers - the taste is out of this world and the as for the presentation well I won't spoil that surprise.

 Photo By  Smudge Eats

Photo By Smudge Eats

It's a Vibe!

Bikini really has a fun vibe to it. You feel welcome from the second you enter to when you decide to leave. If you opt for a baby sitter this place would be the perfect date night with your baby daddy.

Do It For The Gram'

This place is so gram worthy from every single corner! Eat your heart out mama - it's the perfect place for a photo opt. If you fancy a selfie make sure you take your camera with you to the bathroom. Bikini has fun slogans that are captured in your mirror selfie.

Is It Little Babe friendly?

As I mentioned early I haven't been here with my little babe but we will be heading over there in about 3 weeks. I don't think I would take him here during the event but definitely see us going here for a lunch hang. The sharing plates will be great especially with a toddler who loves eating off mama's plate. With the service being so exceptional I don't doubt that the staff will be more than accomodation to you and your little babe.